1 Jun 2021

Austin Bergstrom Airport, reading George Orwell’s “Down and Out…”

“within certain limits, it is true that the less money you have, the less you worry. When you have a hundred francs in the world you are liable to the most craven panics. When you have only three francs you are quite indifferent; for three francs will feed you till tomorrow, and you cannot think further than that”

I relate to this. Zero balance is very close to the present. With money saved, one can live in the future. I have been financially comfortable for the longest period of my life and have been noticing it is harder to live in the moment than it was during the many years I was broke.

31 May 2021

building a website today for twain after playing the music for 15 years, possibly longer. seems like something i would enjoy doing (building a website) but i find it tiresome. possibly because the neighbors turned on a drum machine at 3 oclock this morning and left it running on the cha cha setting , loud. slept poorly. travel to memphis tomorrow. first flight since returning from Dominican Republic at the outbreak of pandemic.